B and B Breakfast Menu

B&B Breakfast Menu

BREAKFAST at PEACOCKS Fine B&B - Served between 8:30am and 10:00am in our old kitchen beside the Aga!

Tea - you won’t find a wider choice

Coffee Colombian (medium roast), French Roast (stronger) or Decaf

Orange juice

Local apple juice

Buck’s Fizz orange juice and sparkling wine


Granola with yogurt, fresh fruit and a bit of maple syrup

Weetabix, Frosties …

Porridge with honey & fruit

Toast - white, granary or gluten free

Teacake toasted and buttered

Crumpets toasted and buttered – great with a drizzle of honey. Of course there’s marmalade, and jam, honey and marmite

If you’d like ketchup, or real ale chutney or red onion marmalade or mustard or Worcestershire sauce to go with any of the following dishes, you only have to ask.

Welsh Rabbit toasted half-rye bread topped with a seasoned Cheddar cheese sauce and grilled with bacon

Brie and Bacon Breakfast - toasted half-rye bread topped with brie and suffolk bacon and grilled

Savoury Crumpets toasted & topped with cream cheese & smoked salmon

Croque Madame - a toasted ham and cheese sandwich under béchamel sauce, grilled, and topped with a fried egg

Omelette with ham, smoked chicken, mushrooms, smoked salmon, cheddar or goat’s cheese

Our Menu is not set in stone: we’re flexible and determined that the important thing is you have a breakfast you enjoy.

You’ll see that we don’t offer a huge plate of fried food. We’re with our late MP for the Isle of Ely, the great Clement Freud, here: he wrote “no one deserves to be sent to face the day on what British Rail call a ‘full breakfast’ – an enormous ill-assorted meal…” and we hope you’ll find plenty here to make a filling and memorable meal.

If you particularly enjoy, say, both tea and coffee or you need a double portion of pancakes, no problem: please don’t be shy – we want you to feel at home. And if you biked from London to Ely yesterday or plan to walk to Cambridge today and need lots of calories, just tell us: We want to make sure you leave here properly refueled.

Even if you have always been a fussy eater who drove your mother and first three wives wild with demands that your toast be browned ‘just so’, tell us how you prefer your breakfast – we can’t promise, but we’ll see if we can get it almost right.

As for our teas, we’ve taken time to collect the widest selection in the world, so it’s up to you whether you settle down with an old favourite or try something new. (For what it’s worth, we always start the day with a soothing vanilla tea.)

We’d like to adopt the way Surtee’s John Jorrocks introduced his young visitor from Yorkshire to breakfast in his (fictional) Great Coram Street home:

“Now sit down” said Jorrocks “and let us be doing, for I am as hungry as a hunter. Hope you are peckish too; what shall I give you? Tea or coffee? – but take both – coffee first and tea after a bit. If I can’t give them to you good, don’t know who can.”


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You may go to Carlisle’s and to Almack’s too; And I’ll give you my head if you find such a host, For coffee, tea, chocolate, butter and toast.

Christopher Anstey – The New Bath Guide

Porridge – in the absence of minced Harris Tweed – is an alternative for addicts and Scotophiles.

Clement Freud

No British breakfast worthy of the name is complete without toast and marmalade.

Read & Manjon

Pray, lay into the breakfast, or I shall think you don’t like it.

John Jorrocks