Green teas and White teas

Green Teas

Moon Palace - Fine China Chun Mee; a smooth, sweetish yellow liquor with a hint of plum

GunpowderGreen - Rolled into small pellets; the amber liquor has a gentle herbal flavour.

Jasmine Blossom - Beautiful, fragrant tea, flavoured and decorated with jasmine flowers

Moroccan Mint - Green China Tea combined with spearmint for a refreshing N African tea

Genmai Cha - Traditional Japanese blend of Bancha green tea and roasted brown rice

Green Earl Grey - A delicate mix of China green tea with the citrus taste of bergamot

Pu-erh - A dark China tea stored after drying to give it it's earthy taste

Marengo - With a fruity North German flavour of sanddorn (sea buckthorn): delicious

Grapefruit Moon - Stunning citrussy blend: lemon grapefruit blood-orange bergamot cardamon

White Teas

Olimpicks Tea - Commemorating the Gogmagog olimpicks held near Cambridge 350 years ago - a Ceylon silver tip  tea.

Pai Mu Tan - White Peony Tiny new silvery-green leaves, giving a pale yellow liquor with a hint of nuttiness


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